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Amber Storvold


Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology candidate
Practicum Counsellor

Gentle. Humble. Dependable.
Amber brings a real gentle approach to the counselling process, focusing on creating a space where you feel comfortable. She knows that at the foundation of creating change, we need to have a sense of safety, and as such, this will always be her top priority in session.
Amber specializes her practice in working with relational trauma. Relational trauma is any type of trauma that occurs between people, which includes childhood trauma, traumatic losses, intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Amber deeply understands how trauma presents, the systems within our society that can cause and exacerbate trauma, as well as what helps people heal. Amber knows that because the trauma happened between people, so too must the healing. She sees the counselling relationship as one place where this healing can occur.
Amber would like to acknowledge her privilege as a white, straight, cis woman. She is actively aware of her privilege and works to understand how that is impacting the counselling relationship at all times. 
Amber has been working in the counselling field for 5 years and has recently returned to school to get her Masters degree in counselling. As such, Amber brings a beautiful blend of experience and an eagerness to learn more. She is receiving direct supervision from Cecile, another one of our counsellors; Amber and Cecile meet weekly to discuss Amber's cases. As such, Amber is the right counsellor for you if are open to learning alongside someone who is just as dedicated to the process as you are! 
Additional Trainings
Amber has taken a lot of courses and trainings that help guide her counselling practice. Courses include: 
  • Trauma: Strategies for Resolving the Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Body Oriented Trauma Counselling Strategies
  • Anxiety: Practical Intervention Strategies
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Balancing Acceptance and Change
  • The 10 Best- Ever Depression Management Techniques
  • Walking Through Grief: Helping Others Deal With Loss
Session Information

Sessions with Amber cost $55 +gst per 55 minute individual session.

Because Amber is a practicum counsellor, sessions fees may or may not be covered by your insurance provider. Please reach out for more information.

Sessions are only available virtually.

Amber Storvold
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