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Kristin Robinson


Masters of Social Work
Registered Social Worker

Playful. Enthusiastic. Relaxed.
Kristin focuses her practice supporting young adults and children as young as 8 years old. She loves supporting folks through a phase of life where it can feel like there are so many emotions, and managing them can be overwhelming and unclear. Kristin is trained in supporting folks through trauma, including sexualized violence, anxiety, depression, stress and grief. She also has a passion for supporting folks who are struggling in their relationships, either because of a tough childhood, rough past relationships, or patterns that they cannot seem to break. 
Kristin believes that part of why our struggles can seem so hard is that we were never meant to live in isolation and go through things alone. Rather, we are meant for connecting with other people and healing together. As such, Kristin takes a strong structural view to her work, meaning she looks at the context of your world and life to better understand how she can support you. This includes taking an anti-oppressive lens and seeing how racism, sexism, capitalism and many other structures are a part of the difficulties you are facing. 
Kristin is a very playful and relaxed counsellor, who also has a strength at going deep and into the tough stuff with you. She really wants to work alongside you, figuring things out together. Kristin is happy to provide tools and strategies, if that's what you’re wanting from counselling, or she’s happy to be the place where you can finally put down the tough stuff. As Kristin likes to say “I'm team you” and whatever you need, she’ll work to accommodate.
Kristin identifies as a cis-gendered, queer, able-bodied woman and acknowledges she is a settler in these lands. Kristin welcomes and celebrates clients with all identities in her practice, including gender-diverse, queer and trans folks. Kristin recognizes the power she holds as a white-settler cis woman and will work with you to understand how the power she holds impacts you, and what you need in order to feel safe with her.

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Additional Trainings
On-top of her Bachelor and Master's degree, Kristin has taken a variety of courses to help her help you better! These include: 
  • EMDR Training: Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for Adolescents and Families
  • Polyvagal-Informed Treatment for Trauma and Anxiety
  • Foundations Certification in Narrative Therapy
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
Session Information

Sessions with Kristin cost $155+gst per 55 minute individual session.

Session fees can be submitted to insurance if you have coverage for a Registered Social Worker. 

Sessions are available virtually or in-person in Kamloops, BC.

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