Nicole Shigeoka

Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology candidate
Practicum Counsellor
Warm. Friendly. Thoughtful.
Nicole brings an ease and comfort with her wherever she goes. She has a natural ability to help you feel relaxed and calm, allowing you to be as comfortable as possible in your sessions. 
Nicole will work alongside you to explore and learn what YOU need to thrive and flourish. She's not going to put her judgements and beliefs on you; rather, she'll explore with you, helping you learn what's best and right for you on your healing journey.
 Nicole's counselling philosophy centres around a willingness and eagerness to explore and investigate the root of your problems while bringing compassion and care to the whole journey. She'll work with you to dig past the surface of your problems to understand what is really going on, at the core. Her skill comes in how comfortable she will make you feel, allowing you to investigate and explore these hard topics. 
Nicole is a practicum counsellor, meaning she is almost done her Masters degree and is receiving direct supervision from Cecile, another one of our counsellors. Nicole and Cecile meet weekly to discuss Nicole's cases and determine how Nicole can serve you best. As such, Nicole is the right counsellor for you if are open to learning alongside someone who is just as dedicated to the process as you are! 
Additional Trainings
On-top of her bachelor's degree and a nearly completed Master's degree, Nicole has already taken courses to help her help you better! These include: 
  • Queering Your Therapy Practice
  • The Art of Holding Space
Session Information

Sessions with Nicole cost $50 +gst per 55 minute individual session.

Because Nicole is a practicum counsellor, sessions fees CANNOT be submitted to your insurance provider.

Sessions are available virtually or in-person in Kamloops, BC.