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WellMind Counselling

Your Trauma Therapy Specialists

At WellMind Counselling, we're a team of therapists who specialize in trauma. We know how to identify the subtle ways that trauma can show up; we understand the impacts that it can have on you, and most importantly, we are passionate about helping you work through it. 

For some folks, they have a very clear sense of their history and know exactly what caused their trauma. 
But for others, trauma may have been the "normal" so seeing it as traumatic may be a little harder. 


Whichever you identify with, we're here to help. 


We help you break free from the trauma of your past so that you are free to move forward and experience a life full of connection and meaning. 

If you've experienced trauma, you know it's complex, with lots of moving pieces. And so we understand that your therapy is going to need to be multi-layered and evolving too.

 You need more than someone to just talk to. You need someone who can help you deeply and neurologically process your traumas, while going at a pace that supports all parts of you. 

At WellMind, we are all committed to knowing the research on what's most effective to treat trauma while also learning what works for you because we know it will be unique.

We don't want to only give you a couple tools to feel better this week. We want to help you do the deep and sometimes difficult work of healing.

To put it simply, if you're ready for real change and willing to put in the work to get there, we're here to help.

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