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Jillian Hearn

Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology candidate
Practicum Counsellor
Compassionate. Dedicated. Motivated.

When you’re in session with Jillian, what you will notice right away is her ability to hold space for you to work through your concerns while also helping you move towards your desired outcome. Jillian’s strength comes in her ability to be non-judgmental while also helping you grow into the greatest version of yourself. 

Jillian’s counselling is deeply systemic. This means that she has a deep awareness and understanding of how society, power and oppression may be a part of the struggles you are currently facing. With this lens, Jillian will help you understand the multiple facets of your concerns, which helps create more sustainable healing. 

Jillian is the right counsellor for you if you are looking for someone who will help you see beyond the surface of your problems and understand them on a deeper level.  

Jillian is a practicum counsellor, meaning she is almost done her Masters degree and is receiving direct supervision from Cecile, another one of our counsellors. Jillian and Cecile meet weekly to discuss Jillian's cases and determine how Jillian can serve you best. As such, Jillian is the right counsellor for you if are open to learning alongside someone who is just as dedicated to the process as you are! 
Additional Trainings
Jillian takes a great interest in continuing education, especially as it relates to having an intersectional practice! Courses she has taken include: 
  • Healing the Wounds of Trauma with Dr. Gabor Mate
  • Response-Based Practice with Drs. Coates and Bonnah
  • UVIC Anti-Violence Project: Sexual Violence Prevention and Education
  • Mental Health First Aid
Session Information

Sessions with Jillian cost $55 +gst per 55 minute individual session.

Because Jillian is a practicum counsellor, sessions fees may or may not be covered by your insurance provider. Please reach out for more information.

Sessions are available virtually or in-person in Kamloops, BC.

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