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Counselling Cost & Coverage

At WellMind, we prioritize helping you get the help that you need. As such, each of our counsellors has a differing fee investment so that you can find something that works for you and your budget. Sessions fees are the same whether delivered in-person or online.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit, cash or cheque. If you will be using benefits/insurance to pay for your counselling, we ask that you pay for your sessions upfront them submit your receipt to your benefits company for reimbursement. 

Because each insurance company is different, they all cover different credentials. Please verify that the counsellor you are interested in seeing has the proper credentials to meet your coverage needs.




Registered Clinical Counsellor

Session Fee

per 55 minute individual session

$180 +gst

Shayla & Charlotte

Registered Clinical Counsellor

$155 +gst

Registered Social Worker

$155 +gst



Registered Clinical Counsellor

$125 +gst


Some benefits may apply. Please inquire for more information.

$55 +gst

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