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Clinical Supervision for New Counsellors

The Details

Meet every two weeks with a trained clinical supervisor and other new counsellors to take part in a one-hour group supervision session. Supervision is designed specifically to meet the challenges of new counsellors as they navigate our unique world of helping. This group is for counsellors who meet with adults in an individual setting and is not geared towards those who work with children, couples or families.

This supervision group is open to those who are in their Master's degree practicum or have recently graduated from a Master degree in counselling. You must have current insurance in order to participate.

This group is intended to help counsellors get additional hours towards the requirements to register as a RCC with the BCACC. For other provinces, please reach out for more information.

While this group is open to current practicum students, please note this group does NOT count towards your practicum hour requirements.


Virtual group supervision for new grads and current students 

If you need additional supervision hours to meet licensure requirements and want a cost-effective way to do so, you've come to the right place! 


Group registration runs parallel with traditional semesters (i.e. Jan-Apr). If you cannot attend a session, a recording will be available. 

Meeting place: Zoom

Please meet in a confidential space.

Group A:

Every second Wednesday


Group B:

Every second Wednesday


Cost: $320+gst for 8 group supervision sessions.

Group C:

Every second Tuesday

12-1PM PST


Meet Your Supervisor 

Cecile Tucker, RCC (she/her)

a new counsellor too!), I understand the challenges, insecurities and fears that come with being new in our wonderful field. 

I would describe my theoretical approach as rather eclectic. Because I specialize in trauma, my favourite modalities are Emotionally Focussed Individual Therapy, Somatic work, Attachment based work, Internal Family Systems and EMDR (though this group is not designed for EMDR supervision). That being said,I do of course use other modalities as needed. 

Overall, my perspective is fully based on a humanistic model, believing that our clients have the resources and capacities to heal and it is our job to help them access this innate ability.

I view all of my cases through a lens of intersectionality, working to understand how power and oppression impact and influence our clients. I actively work to notice and understand how the impacts of my privilege and power as a cis white woman of European descent influence my sessions. This lens will be brought in to supervision as we cannot be effective counsellors without it. 

I've created this group for two reasons:

1. I adore offering supervision as part of my practice. I find it fulfilling and love working with counsellors who are passionate about being effective and safe helpers.

2. I recognize that getting the required hours to meet licensure can be rather overwhelming and costly. I am hoping this group creates a more cost-effective approach to supervision while proving to be very useful.

Hi! I'm Cecile, a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master Degree in Counselling Psychology. I've taken formal training as a clinical supervisor, to make sure I know how to assist you best. 

Because part of my practice is supervising practicum students (and because I've been

Ready to sign up for virtual group supervision specifically designed for practicum students and new grads?

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