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If you've been following along on Instagram or on my emails lately, I've shared some fascinating research that realized that some people manage to grow from their trauma. 

Not just get back to where they were pre-trauma, but actually grow more than they could have without the trauma.

How wild is that!!

The coolest part about this research is that ANYONE who has undergone trauma can learn how to get these benefits and GROW from their trauma.

This workshop is going to be entirely about this. We'll go through each of the 5 positive changes that can result from trauma and then we'll learn what you can do to make sure you reap these benefits. 


Basically if you're someone who is like "damn it's unfair that my trauma happened and I have to deal with these symptoms" but who is also a glass half-full kind of person who is open to seeing a positive side to trauma, this workshop is likely for you.

I want to make it clear that learning to harness the positives from your trauma doesn't make the trauma go away, or invalidate it, or mean that you should be happy it happened. It's more of a "well it happened, so let's make the best of it" type of workshop.

Whether you're dealing with diagnosed PTSD, C-PTSD or just have a sense that there's some sh*t in your past that you would love to harness the benefits from, this workshop is for you! 


So what are we gonna do in this workshop?

Well, there are 5 positive impacts of trauma.

We're going to go through each one in turn and for each one, we are going to do an activity to help you benefit from this impact. 

We'll talk as a group about each factor, what we learned, what works for us in each domain... I'll teach you some stuff.. You know, regular workshop type stuff! 


Trauma is hard. It's unfair and it's brutal. But research has made a cool discovery and I want to help you learn to find the silver lining in the trauma. We can't make the bad parts of trauma go away but we can certainly do our best to make a shitty situation a little less shitty.

Where & When:

Zoom! On Wednesday January 19 from 5:50--7PM PST (that's 8:30-10PM EST).

When we meet on Zoom, you get to choose to have your camera on or off. I do recommend camera on because then we can talk and I can do a little one on one work with you in front of the group, but also I understand some of you are going to despise and loath the idea of having your camera on, so that’s definitely not mandatory.

I strongly suggest bringing a pen and some paper to wherever you're going to be when we do the workshop! But that being said, you're an adult and you know what's best for you, so you do you! 

Ready to find the silver lining in your trauma?

Buy your ticket below to start harnessing the positives! 

Want to attend but the dates don't work for you?

Or maybe you like the idea of a workshop but this one isn't quite the one for you? 

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