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Because you deserve a life that isn't continually being impacted by your childhood trauma.

I see you...

You're so tired of being tied down by your past.

You're sick of feeling "less than" and always struggling to feel confident.

You're done feeling triggered, never being able to just feel safe in the present moment.

You're ready to find a way to move forward and grow. But you have no idea where or how to start. 

You need a guide to help you heal from what happened. That's what I'm here for.

With years of experience specialized in helping folks just like you heal from their childhood trauma, I've created a program to help you learn and implement the most research-based and effective techniques that will free you from the struggles you've endured and allow you to move forward.


Trauma Survivors to Trauma Thrivers

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An online trauma healing course

Trauma Survivors to Trauma Thrivers: A Quick Course Overview

Phase One: Safety First, we build safety to make sure you are ready to dig deep in to your trauma and manage feelings that arise.

Phase Two: Processing Safely and slowly, this is the phase where we move in to the trauma to help you transform it and be free from it. 

Phase Three: Integration Here, we examine and determine how to move forward from your traumas.

Trauma Survivors to Thrivers is all encompassing, helping you heal before, during and after the program. 

We are going to meet once a week for ninety minutes in a live group session to build safety, process your traumas and integrate these changes in to your life.

Filled with over 50 journaling prompts, this journal will help you explore and process your traumas before the program, throughout the program and long after it ends!  

You don't want the changes that you made during the program to slip away after the group ends. This workbook will help you remember and continue using the tools and techniques from the program. 

Enrol today and receive the following:

6 ninety minutes live group sessions

The Childhood Trauma Journal

The Enduring Change Workbook

total value: $1620

You Pay: $297

Trauma Survivors to Trauma Thrivers is an experiential program, allowing you to not only logically understand how to heal but also helping you experience a difference, facilitating real and lasting change.

The Logistics

Meeting place: Zoom

(Please meet in a confidential space)

Cost: $297 for 6 ninety minutes live group sessions, 

The Childhood Trauma Journal and The Enduring Change Workbook 

Every Friday for 6 weeks beginning April 22

Meeting from 11:30AM-1PM PST

Life after Trauma Survivors to Trauma Thrivers looks like...

You're living in the present, no longer triggered back to what happened and how it was.

You have clear tools. you can use to create safety, process things when they come up and move forward.

Life is easier. You aren't always fighting yourself because you finally know what you need to do to feel good.

You feel more confident and capable. Old messages you held about yourself no longer feel as powerful.

You have more compassion for yourself and what you have been through. Kindness reigns.

You know how to check in with yourself to find out what your needs are and then how to meet them.

Let's dive in to the Trauma Survivors to Trauma Thrivers program more deeply

Phase One: Safety

You'll learn...

Techniques to regulate (or calm down) when you feel overwhelmed or "too much".

You'll experience...

What it's like to actually calm down and shut your brain off for a moment

A little bit of trauma theory so that you understand the WHY  behind what we are doing.

Connection to your body, rather than a numbness or disconnection.

How to use your body as a gauge and how to use it to create safety and calmness.

A new found sense of confidence that you actually can feel safe.

Phase Two: Processing

You'll learn...

Why you suppressed your needs as a child and how to start connecting to them again.

You'll experience...

Compassion for yourself and your inner child. 

Techniques to help you meet your needs in a way that was likely not modelled or taught. 

A feeling of love towards yourself and what you have been through.

Theory about compassion and how to apply that theory to YOU. 

Freedom from the self-contained way of being that you've experienced for years. 

Phase Three: Integration

You'll learn...

How to identify what you want in your life in the wake of your trauma.

You'll experience...

A sense of optimism for the future.

How to implement and enforce your needs, through boundaries.

What you need to do to make sure your healing is lasting and sustainable.

Connection to your needs and desires. 

A trust in yourself that you can rely on YOU moving forward. 

This course is for you if...

You've experienced a "not-so-good", traumatic, difficult childhood and are ready to move forward from it. 

You want to heal from your trauma, but you don't understand really what that means or where to start. 

You're ready for things to finally be a little easier, and you're ready to do some hard healing work in order to get there.

This course may not be for you if...

You're not willing to try new techniques and get a little uncomfortable in order to heal.

You aren't ready or able to be supportive and compassionate to other group members and their healing journey.

You don't feel comfortable talking in a group. While you'll never be forced to talk, being open and sharing will be useful in this program.

When it comes to healing trauma, you need a guide you can trust.


Hi, I'm Cecile and I specialize in treating trauma. I understand the specific challenges that come with healing childhood trauma and I have the research-based tools and theory to help you heal both efficiently and safely.  

Healing trauma can be really overwhelming and research shows that part of what allows people to heal is having a guide they can trust. So let me tell you some facts about me so you can decide if I'm the right person for you.

  • I’m pretty darn bubbly. I’m gonna greet you with a really big smile on my face and get excited when you tell me good news. But I also know how to meet you in the difficult moments and not disregard the pain that you may be feeling.

  • I’m huge nerd and really like research and theory. I always have (at least) one book on the go and if this is the group for you,I’ll end up sharing some facts, data and theory with you, to help you heal. I also attend at least two counselling trainings a year to make sure that I am staying current on counselling theory and how I can help you best. 

  • I’m very goal focussed. I thrive and feel purpose when I am working towards a goal or helping you work towards yours. 

  • I love connecting with people at a real, deep level. I want to know what makes you tick, fills you with purpose or makes you cry. Feeling deeply connected to people is probably my favourite feeling in the world. 

  • I actively work to notice and understand how the impacts of my privilege and power as a cis white woman of European descent influence those around me, and I do my best to ensure that any services I offer are intersectional.

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